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Questions about WINKpms

  • YES! WINK’s data migration service will ensure that your invoices, appointments, medical records, recall dates, inventory and more, are migrated from your current software to WINK so you never miss a beat!

  • YES! We are directly integrated with most ophthalmic labs. We can therefore provide you with their official catalogs. In so doing, we are preventing the staff of your business from selling lenses that don’t cut-out, we are facilitating one-click ordering, and we are greatly reducing production delays and invoicing errors! Lab integration also provides huge benefits including order tracking, supplier invoicing, and automated rebates for supplier promotional programs.

  • YES! We are directly integrated with frame manufacturers, you can therefore have access to their official catalogs.

  • NO! All your data is saved on our secured server in the cloud.

  • YES! Your patient health records are always 100% secure.

    Learn more about PIPEDA Learn about HIPAA Learn about GDPR Learn more about ISO/IEC 27018

  • YES. WINK requires a stable internet connection. Should you ever lose your internet, a hotspot can be established on your phone, or simply wait for the internet to come back up!

  • NO! When you subscribe to WINK, you can download the software on all your computers for the same monthly fee.

  • The licence is valid per practice/store. You will need to obtain one license per location.

  • NO. We do however provide Barcode Scanners, Card Readers, Labels printers, Labels, and most important WINK perforated paper for invoicing and worksheet purposes.

  • WINK offers 5 different packages to suit the needs of each practice. Choose your package based on your needs see our pricing here.

Questions about WINKemr

  • YES! You can download the WINKemr application on your iPad right from the App Store, or use our Web version via your PC.

  • YES! By clicking on History” you will usually be able to view the findings observed during a patient’s previous visit, and if required, you may be able to copy the data over to the current exam if the situation remains unchanged. Generally speaking however, you can also create shortcuts or "Favorites" that will help you populate any test with any typical/recurrent data in a single click!

  • The dispensary will only see the patient's name and their final lens and contact lens prescription so as to permit the opticians to dispense eyewear accordingly. Unless given specific permission to access more data, users in the dispensary will not be able to access any of the Optometrist’s medical data.

  • Many Optometrists are legally separate from the Dispensary. They operate a completely independent business from every standpoint. Practitioners like that want to own and maintain their own database of WINK, but they recognise the benefit to the Dispensary of sharing patient final Rx and they typically do so anyways (usually on paper). For OD’s like that, we’ve created Independent OD. Via Independent OD, you can maintain a completely separate database and only share the data you want to share with the Opticians you want to share it with.

  • YES! A different "store" (location) is created for the optometrist within the WINK database. When services are billed for that optometrist, they appear in that specific store, entirely separate from the dispensary. In so doing, sales of optometric services will not show in the dispensary's sales report at the end of the day.

  • YES! Download the app on your iPad through the App Store and connect to our Public Database. We encourage you to discover its many relevant features! Click here and click on the 2nd video to learn how to connect to our public database.

  • Any recent (less than 5 years old) iPad will run WINKemr, with the exception of the iPad MINI. And since WINKemr is cloud-based, the application will never take up a lot of space on your iPad. Click here to read more about minimum system requirements.

  • Click here for an article on tips and tricks when using WINKemr.