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and optical buying groups

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WINKweb is an ideal service for ophthalmic labs and optical buying groups who want to give their customers and members the ability to order lenses, frames and contact lenses via a user-friendly and feature-rich web portal.

Better communication

Provide your customers with the job status for any order we’ve processed.

Easier bookkeeping

WINK can provide ECPs with the labs’ invoice number and other details.

product sales

Provide your customers with the job status for any order we’ve processed.

Efficient processing

Orders are automatically entered into production at the lab 24/7 without human intervention.

Marketing tools

WINKweb will display your lab’s wholesale/list pricing for finished stock lenses. Your eyecare professional customers can flag orders that are part of a promotion, such as “Multipair”.

Improved negotiation

Consolidate member ordering so buying groups can better negotiate with suppliers.


WINKweb catalogs allows your staff to manage product launches, expiration dates, price change dates, and so much more.

Less time
processing redos

Your customers can redo jobs under warranty with extreme ease and without the hassle of looking for the original invoice number. Feasibility calculations are performed before the order is sent.

Businesses we serve

"Our decision to switch to WINKpms was motivated by a recommendation from an industry colleague and also from the outstanding service provided by the WINK team. My practice is more organized now that our patient records are all digital, but to be honest, my favorite feature is being able to send lens orders directly to my lab with the click of a button. This integration makes for a faster, error-free turnaround, ultimately making our clients far more satisfied."

Amir Kirat
Forsight Eyewear

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