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Fully integrated with WINKpms and your practice’s medical equipment, WINKemr allows optometrists to securely enter patient charts on a private, cloud-based EMR solution via an iPad or computer.

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Easy to use

Schedule your recall dates with a click of a button. View all data from the entire consultation on one screen. Auto- generate referral letters to be faxed, emailed or printed. You can upload your own templates too!

Two-way device

Import patient results directly into your EMR and your phoropter.


Easily download the WINKemr application to your iPad right from the App Store or use our web version via your PC. Mark your most common entries as favorites for fast and easy data entry into your EMR.

Data entry options

Don’t like typing on an iPad? No problem, connect your Bluetooth keyboard for faster input. Don’t like typing at all? Use our dictation mode and simply speak! Or use the apple pencil to annotate images or make handwritten notes on your iPad.

Easy patient management

View patient history from previous consults in a single click. View Rx and other health data in a series of graphs. Effortlessly provide final Rx, recommendations and notes to your dispensary team.


WINKemr eliminates the need for paper files cluttering up your filing cabinets. You can also use the iPad camera to snap photos of Rxs from other ODs as well as printouts from Auto-Refractors and other devices.


Cloud-based patient charts are available any time, any place. No need to make back-ups, your information is safe and secure on our servers at AWS and Azure. Your data is protected by state-of-the-art IT security.

Patient portal

Allow your patients to access their invoices, Rx, appointment calendar and any other information you want to share with them via WINK’s patient portal. Includes a Preliminary EMR where patients provide all the preliminary data you need to ensure that their consultation is as quick and comprehensive as possible.

What our customers are saying

"WINK's solid reputation and exceptional service are the two main reasons we adopted WINK as our PMS and EMR. The product suited our needs in more ways that we could imagine; the most important feature for us is the integration with medical equipment. As well we are excited to expand our plan to have the ability to automatically message customers via SMS for better communication and customer service excellence."

Steve Lacourse
Vice President
Lunette Dépôt

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