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WINKoms is a middleware platform designed for Practice Management Software companies that want to send orders to ophthalmic labs, frame manufacturers, and contact lens manufacturers. By integrating with WINKoms, your eyecare professional customers would be able to send orders for these products to their manufacturers via your PMS.

Client acquisition
and retention

Grow your eyecare professional client base by integrating with ophthalmic labs and manufacturers to offer an automated ordering process.

Simplicity, speed and precision

Orders for lenses, frames, accessories and contact lenses are automatically entered into production 24/7 without human intervention.

Speed to market

Eliminate the time and effort required to build your own integrations with labs and manufacturers. Integrate with WINKoms for the same benefits with less time and effort.

Marketing tools

WINKoms will display your lab’s wholesale/list pricing for finished stock lenses. Your customers can flag orders that are part of a promotion, such as “Multipair”.

Easier accounting

WINKoms provides your customers with their invoice numbers and details.


WINKoms provides your customers with the job status for any job they’ve processed.


WINKoms catalogs allows your customers to access product launch/ expiration dates, price change dates, and so much more.

Less time processing

Your customer can redo jobs under warranty easily without the hassle of looking for the original invoice number. A feasibility calculation is performed before the order is sent.

What our customers are saying

"WINK's solid reputation and exceptional service are the two main reasons we adopted WINK as our PMS and EMR. The product suited our needs in more ways that we could imagine; the most important feature for us is the integration with medical equipment. As well we are excited to expand our plan to have the ability to automatically message customers via SMS for better communication and customer service excellence."

Steve Lacourse
Vice President
Lunette Dépôt

WINKoms Case Study

Learn how Integrating with WINK technologies helped IRIS
better integrate with their labs.

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