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A team that is happy, is a team that delivers results.

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WINK Technologies creates software for opticians and optometrists who want business growth. We also create workplaces for employees, who want personal growth.

What we want

Our goal is to provide eyecare professionals with easy-to-use software that helps their businesses thrive, makes employees happier and delights patients and customers.

Who we want

Our organization is growing, and we are looking for employees who want to grow with us. We strive to provide a workplace that embraces collaboration, creativity and drive.

Our values

WINK is proud to embrace core values that help our company, and
our employees, thrive at work.


Be passionate and curious. Don’t limit your dreams.


Win as a team. Share knowledge openly and proactively.


Have fun. Celebrate successes. Laugh. Be a friend.


Be vulnerable. Make it a safe place to make mistakes.


Be accountable. Think like an owner. Speak your mind.


Embrace quality. Expect and deliver excellence. Raise the bar.


Be humble. Learn and grow. Act confidently without a false sense of pride.


Challenge the status-quo. Take risks. Learn from mistakes.

W letter as Wink

WINK Way of Working

The WWW is a set of best practices, habits and behaviours that are designed to promote our company values. It helps align the whole team towards achieving the company objectives, along with personal happiness.


In our employment process, we will first consider an applicant’s culture-fit, followed by results and skills. We are looking for team players with values that match those of the company.

Our ideal team player has the following qualities:

  1. Willing to listen, absorb and apply feedback.
  2. Engages in projects outside of work that are related to what we do at Wink.
  3. Ability to understand complex concepts quickly and explain them simply.
  4. Comfortable in a team environment and gets along with colleagues.
  5. Eager to grow and learn new concepts.
  6. Talent for analyzing and evaluating information, self-correcting and problem-solving.

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