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WINKpms is the ideal solution for opticians and optometrists who want to grow their business. It uses the latest technology to bring you all the features you and your staff need to get more done in less time.


Point of sale

Create invoices, refunds, credit notes and receive payments from customers. Generate sales reports.

Inventory management

Perform inventory audits and generate reports quickly. Know the status of any order. Receive alerts when labs are late and track frames from your store to suppliers and back.

Increased sales

Sell your products online and offer online booking. Perform virtual eye exams with Tele-optometry.

Appointment calendar

Book, cancel and reschedule appointments. Manage optometrist availabilities and patient waiting lists.

Easy integration

Integrate easily with your favorite 3rd party software and labs and suppliers. Transfer data digitally to and from your store’s equipment.


Keep in contact with customers with text messaging and email. Eliminate no- shows.

Enhanced reporting

Generate end-of-day reports, employee metrics, reports on profitability, commission, inventory, finances and more.

Business automation

Use automation to streamline your recall process - enter your data only once.

Insurance processing

Receive payment from customers and submit claims to insurers.

What our customers are saying

"Our decision to switch to WINKpms was motivated by a recommendation from an industry colleague and also from the outstanding service provided by the WINK team. My practice is more organized now that our patient records are all digital, but to be honest, my favorite feature is being able to send lens orders directly to my lab with the click of a button. This integration makes for a faster, error-free turnaround, ultimately making our clients far more satisfied."

Amir Kirat
Forsight Eyewear

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