Practice management software for opticians

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WINK pms

WINKpms uses the latest technology to bring all the features
you and your staff need to get more done in less time.

Online Booking Module

Streamline the process of scheduling patients and allow patients to book their appointments on-demand from any location or device. Eliminate double-bookings and automate the scheduling of recurring appointments.

Smart Inventory management

Control procedures to eliminate inefficiencies while intuitive technology helps control inventory levels across channels with various functions such as creating aging reports and reordering to maximize profits.

Automated Communication and Recall Module

Automate client correspondence such as appointment reminders, recalls, confirmation, and customer feedback via SMS or emails to avoid no-shows and provide better customer experiences.

Insurance Billing and Claim Management

Digitize the direct billing process, including billing, preparation, organization, and submission of insurance claims. Prevent denials and accelerate payments via direct insurance integration.

What our customers are saying

“Our decision to switch to WINKpms was motivated by a recommendation from an industry colleague and also from the outstanding service provided by the WINK team. My practice is more organized now that our patient records are all digital, but to be honest, my favorite feature is being able to send lens orders directly to my lab with the click of a button. This integration makes for a faster, error-free turnaround, ultimately making our clients far more satisfied.”

Amir Kirat
CEO, Forsight Eyewear